ACCQCORP leads the field in sleep laboratory management offering its sleep lab clients enterprise-level, web-based management systems led by a professional and experienced management team.

Based in Canada, ACCQCORP has developed a suite of integrated software applications designed to streamline and automate clinical Sleep Lab environments. techWith our team of experienced, professional staff, Accqcorp manages the largest integrated network of sleep labs in Canada.

Developed by professionals from within the clinical sleep lab industry, ACCQCORP's applications and management processes have been tested and proven in real life lab situations. Through continuous improvement via industry feedback, surveys and case study analysis, ACCQCORP's industry leading sleep lab solutions have led to vastly increased operational efficiencies and a greater return on investment for our clients.

With the ever more persistent calls for increased efficiency, from both clinicians and patients, ACCQCORP foresees a continued expansion of products and strong company growth.